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Enhancing pension contributions for a brighter future

Enhancing pension contributions for a brighter future New tax year, new you? Maximise your pension savings this new tax year As we embark on the new tax year, it presents an opportune moment to review your pension savings strategy, setting a solid foundation for future financial stability. Early attention to your private pension at the […]

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Looming pension pitfall

Looming pension pitfall £50 billion of hard-earned pension funds could be in jeopardy Recent investigations by the Centre for Economics and Business Research have illuminated a daunting predicament facing the United Kingdom’s pension sector[1]. An alarming £50 billion of hard-earned pension funds could be in jeopardy, lost within neglected accounts or dispersed amongst a myriad […]

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Unique insight into the current attitudes towards pension investment

Unique insight into the current attitudes towards pension investment Prevailing concern among savers regarding their capability to make informed investment decisions A comprehensive survey has unveiled a complex picture of how savers perceive their pension investments. Despite a high level of awareness, with 82% of pension savers acknowledging that their pensions are invested, a mere […]

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Generational wealth perspectives

Generational wealth perspectives Whether through property, pensions or a blend of both, informed decision-making is crucial A recent study suggests that a substantial proportion of Generation Z, born from 1996 to 2010, view property acquisition as their principal avenue to amass wealth for their retirement years [1]. This perspective is slightly more prevalent within this […]

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What will your legacy look like?

Effective Inheritance Tax planning is a careful balancing act Once a concern only for the very affluent, Inheritance Tax (IHT) is now an issue for many ordinary families, who may find themselves handing over an unprecedented portion of their estates to the taxman. This shift results from years of house price growth, inflation and stagnant […]

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Wealth accumulation

Valuable insights that can impact an investment strategy With the ever-evolving landscape of investment, it’s not hard to see why it might appear daunting. The investment world is equivalent to a living, breathing entity constantly evolving and changing. It’s a landscape that never remains static, mirroring the dynamic nature of global economies and financial markets. […]

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Planning for an early retirement

Living life to the fullest and accomplishing long-held dreams Early retirement typically signifies reaching financial autonomy before the statutory pension age, usually in the mid-60s. In the United Kingdom, retirees can begin drawing their State Pension at age 66. However, this retirement benchmark is set to increase to age 67 by 6 April 2028. Consequently, […]

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Managing your finances as a couple

Discussing finances may feel uncomfortable, but it is crucial to maintain a healthy relationship Transparency is the foundation of any strong relationship, which holds true regarding financial matters. It is easy to fall into the trap of assuming that you and your partner have similar financial habits and attitudes. Stay on track and work together […]

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